First Study for Alto Saxophone: doublethink (2012)

(recordings & information)
Commission: Michael Rene Torres, 2012 North American Saxophone Alliance conference
Winner, Belle S. Gitelman Award, Eastman School of Music
hunger score
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Many of my works prior to 2011 have been withdrawn, some may be available upon request.
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Hunger (Part III, 2014-15)
two sopranos, baritone, alto fl., bass cl., baritone sax, elec gtr, perc., pno, vln, vc, elec., & video

(recordings & information)
Workshop Performance: Darmstadt/Interface
Concert Premiere: The Industry/wildUp
Staged Premiere: the [Switch~ Ensemble]
soliloquios del viento (2016)
six voices, bass fl., bass cl., tenor sax, perc., pno., vln, vla, and vc

(recordings & information)
Commission: Voix Nouvelles de la Fondation Royaumont
Premiere: Talea Ensemble + Exaudi
gimme shelter (2015)
three percussionists, electronics, and video

(recordings & information)
Commission: Eklekto Percussion
Premiere: Ekelekto Percussion
hunger fragments (2015)
for sixteen solo voices

(recordings & information)
Commission: NY Virtuoso Singers
Premiere: NY Virtuoso Singers
walkside, lost (2015)
three percussionists, electronics, and video

(recordings & information)
Commission: Gaudeamus Muziekweek
Premiere: Slagwerk Den Haag
Double Concerto (2014)
for Two Horns and Chamber Orchestra Perc-

(recordings & information)
Commission: International Horn Society
Premiere: Eastman Musica Nova Ensemble, Brad Lubman, Jeff Nelsen, Mike Walker
Winner, 2015 ASCAP Morton Gould Award
de/ter| |ior.ation (2015)
for chamber orchestra

(recordings & information) Commission: Blue Water Chamber Orchestra as winner of Iron Composer
Premiere: Blue Water Chamber Orchestra
Asymptotic Flux: Second Study in Entropy (2013) Perc-

(recordings & information)
Written for Alarm Will Sound
Winner, 2014 ASCAP Morton Gould Award
Winner, Howard Hanson Orchestral Prize, 2014
Nominee, Gaudeamus Prize, 2015
antistasis (2014)
tenor saxophone, percussion, and piano

(recordings & information)
Commission: Tzlil Meudcan International Contemporary Music Festival
Premiere: Ensemble Nikel
oggetti I (2014)
wind quintet

(recordings & information) Commission: Chamber Music Campania
Premiere: Fiati 5 Wind Quintet
Asymptotic Flux: First Study in Entropy (2012)
bass clarinet, violin, viola, cello, & electronics

(recordings & information)
Co-commissioned by OSSIA and the [Switch~ Ensemble]
Winner, 2013 newEar Fourth Annual Composers' Competition
...durat(A)ions: "broken landscape" (2013)
percussion quartet

(recordings & information)
Commission: Iktus Percussion
Premiere: Iktus Percussion
Second Study for Alto Saxophone, Video, and Electronics: pulp (2015)

(recordings & information)
Co-Commission: Matt Evans, Casey Grev, Emily Loboda, Marta Tiesenga, & Sean Fredenburg
Premiere: Matt Evans, World Saxophone Congress
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