the [Switch~ Ensemble]

HUNGER (Part III) (2014-2015)
A Multimedia in Four Parts (Work in Progress)
for soprano, mezzo-soprano, baritone, alto flute, bass clarinet, baritone saxophone, electric guitar, percussion, piano, violin, cello, electronics, & video

NYC Premiere of Part III: May 15, 2015
the [Switch~ Ensemble], Sophia Burgos, Lucy Dhegrae, & Jeff Gavett

Part III Co-Commissioned by the Darmstadt Contemporary Opera Workshop, The Industry L.A., Ensemble Interface, and the [Switch~ Ensemble]

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Smoke and Mirrors (2013) by Christopher Chandler
the [Switch~ Ensemble]
Recording Session - CD Released on Music from SEAMUS vol. 23

All audio and video recordings by Jason Thorpe Buchanan

TsTs (2010) by Bryan Jacobs
the [Switch~ Ensemble]
Rochester, NY - April 13, 2014
Komorebi (2016) by NamHoon "Matthew" Kim
the [Switch~ Ensemble]
VIPA Festival, Spain - July 9, 2016
Smart-alienation (2016) by Igor C Silva
for small ensemble, electronics, and video
Rochester Image/Sound Festival, Eastman School of Music - 03.28.2019
We drank wine from the bottle on a rooftop next to God. (2017) by Victoria Cheah
for quartet and sine tones
Buffalo State University, 03.06.2018
Unwound Path (2018) by Matt Sargent
for mixed sextet - Jason Thorpe Buchanan, conductor
Cornell University Residency - 03.02.2018
Tarr (2014) by Sivan Eldar
for quintet
UC Berkeley - 12.12.2017
La Sed Es Tierra (2018) by Sergio Cote
for solo percussionist and four amplified surfaces
Cornell University Residency - 03.01.2018
silhouette (2018) by Piyawat Louilarpprasert
for trio
Cornell University Residency - 03.01.2018
Broken Then Fixed Then Broken (2009) by Anthony Pateras
for trio
San Francisco Center for New Music - 12.14.2016
Voi(rex) (2002) by Philippe Leroux
for voice, flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano, percussion, and electronics
Eastman School of Music - 11.20.2013