• all-forgetting-is-retrieval (2019)
  • Instrumentation:    alto saxophone, bass clarinet, bass trombone, percussion, electric guitar, violin, cello, augmented conductor, and electronics
  • Dedication:    For the TACETi Ensemble
  • Commission & Awards:    Commissioned by Thailand New Music & Arts Symposium
  • World Premiere:    Thailand New Music and Arts Symposium, Bangkok Arts and Culture Centre, Thailand - July 7, 2019
  • Purchasing information:    Digital Score PDF: $19.95, Score, Parts (RENTAL ONLY), and Max Patch: $129.95
  • Contact:    jasontbuchanan[at]


all-forgetting-is-retrieval was commissioned by the TACETi Ensemble for the 2019 Thailand New Music and Arts Symposium at the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre (BACC) in Bangkok. This work explores the formation of human memory, retrieval, and failure. “There is a common belief that forgetting is strictly due to a retrieval failure. It is curious why this idea of a permanent memory is so appealing…the storage of information is not perfect. Storage as well as retrieval is subject to failure. Thus, the hypothesis that all-forgetting-is-retrieval is incorrect. For information in this state of permanent [long-term] memory, all subsequent forgetting is assumed to be caused by a retrieval failure. Yet…there is no known biological mechanism to stop the adaptive changes in memory from continuing and thereby possibly destroying the prior learning record…

Performances of all-forgetting-is-retrieval

July 07, 2019
Thailand New Music and Arts SymposiumBangkok, Thailand